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Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Almost every weekend I start my day with a smoothie bowl, or at least in the summers. I used to be hooked on Acai smoothie bowl and while these are still super delicious I am now sold on dragonfruit smoothie bowls. Dragon fruit is super refreshing and now there is no turning back to acai for me (well, if I make it myself at least). I encourage you to try out dragon fruit if you haven’t previously tried it, it’s so worth it! Here you can see my perfected smoothie bowl recipes. 

How to make a smoothie bowl

This is fairly straight forward and easy, you simply mix the ingredients in a blender. The trick is to have that optimal flavour and in this case enhance the flavours of the dragon fruits. Below you see the optimal measures for getting that good dragonfruit flavour.

Smoothie Ingredients

Serves 1 portions

~For the smoothie~

100g Dragonfruit (I use frozen)

50g Raspberries (again, I use frozen)

1 banana

100ml Cashew milk

10-20g Maca Powder


20 grams coconut flakes

10g chia seeds

30-50g rasperries

70g strawberries

20-40g Blueberries

How to make a smoothie bowl thick

To make a smoothie bowl thicker the trick here really is the maca power and the low amount of vegan milk. The maca powder helps the smoothie into getting that special texture which makes it thicker. If you do not have a maca powder or prefer something else, there are many other powders that help make a smoothie bowl thicker.

What is Maca powder?

Maca powder comes from a plant native to Peru, and the Maca powder comes from its roots. This powder claims to improves energy and stamina, alongside improving mood and educing blood pressure. Maca powder has a bit of a nutty flavour and it is rather sweet.

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