Nothing is true and everything is possible book review

Nothing is true and everything is possible – Book Review

Nothing is true and everything is possible book review

The reality of a surreal society.

This book depicts a surreal reality, a reality for Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. The book reveals the wild wild west of the 21 century Russia, as the title suggests. This is a country suffering from misinformation and where truth is a matter of opinion. But, Russia is full of opportunities and people are constantly changing their lives to the better.

In this book we follow several stories told by a Russian journalist. The stories told in the book are those of ordinary Russians and their stuggles and successes. A unique way of looking at the contemporary Russian society.

The book is light hearted and easy to read. It is like a real life satir of unbelievable occurrences. Above all it is an honest book and it tells the true stories of the people in it. Even if it tells the misery inflicted on the Russians.

Who is the man behind the book?

Pomerantsev is a man born in Soviet Union. But his parents moved to the west when he was an infant. This gives Pomerantsev a unique viewpoint of Russia compared to the west. He is known to be a Russian knower and is commonly interviewed on UK TV to comment on happenings regarding Russia.

His book is, in a way, an auto biography. The book tells the story of his Russia and the people he has met with. It is a beautiful and colourful portray of the Russian people and it is human. The language of the author is easy to follow and nothing is too complicated to follow.

If you have a curious mind and like to learn more about Peter Pomerantsev, listen to Ryan Faulkner-Hoggs podcast where they discuss Russian society. 

Where did I read this book?

I read the book on a Spanish beach south of Alicante. It was a perfect book to read on the beach, mostly because it is easy to follow. The book feels diverse since it contains all of different stories. That makes it interesting and never boring.

Where to travel.

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