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Best restaurants in Stockholm

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I love food & I am sure you do too! Here I have collected all my favourite restaurants in Stockholm. All your must eats when in town. Stockholm is my hometown, but after living abroad for several years it was really exciting to comeback and re-explore Stockholms culinary scene. Below you find a table of content on how I have organised it so it’s easy to find whatever kind of meal, feel or cuisine you are looking for. (Especially for all vegan food lovers).

Stockholms best brunch restaurants

Vegan Brunches in Stockholm

Who doesn’t love brunch? I am a huge fan (no surprise), so I thought I’d share the best brunch places in Stockholm for those of you looking to start your weekend of in the right manner.  

Pom & Flora

Pom & Flora is probably one of Stockholms busiest brunch places & on several occasions I have seen people queuing out on the street for at least an hour to get a table. Their menu includes your traditional smoothie bowls (with acai bowls of course), porrige, tasty danish rye and croissants. Perfect if you are looking for a healthy feel good breaky! They have two locations one in Vasastan and one in Södermalm. It is so worth a visit! 

Pom & Flora sandwich

Greasy Spoon

If you are looking for a hungover cure or just a decadent start to your weekend – the Greasy Spoon is your answer. Offering pancakes, smashed avo and traditional english breakfast the Greasy Spoon caters to your flavours. Of course they have several vegan offers. This place is perfect for a boozy brunch!  You can find the Greasy spoon twice in Södermalm and once in Vasastan. 

benedicts eggs at the greasy spoon

Sthlm Brunch Club

You can not recommend brunch places without the Sthlm Brunch Club. Known for their extremity indulgent ‘freakshakes’  this photogenic brunch spot is perfect for a Brunch out with your mates. Of course they have a great selection of vegan options & not only the healthy kind. You find the Sthlm Brunch Club in Norrmalm.

sthlm brunch club freakshakes
Image sthlmbrunchclub@instagram

Café Pascal

If you are keen for a more Swedish breaky with a terrific bakery then Café Pascal is the place for you! I recommend the rye bread sandwiches and their croissants. They also specialise in coffee, which is amazing. They have two locations one in Norrtull and one on Södermalm. 

cafe pascal brunch
Image cafepascal@instagram

En Juice Bar

Offering a big feed every weekend – this is a great brunch place with tasty sallads, waffles and of course juices! En juice bar offers the brunch both meaty and vegetarian. Of course they also offer acai bowls and other various smoothie bowls. You find this pearl in Hammarby Sjöstad.

en juice bar brunch
Image enjuicebar@instagram


This vegan gem is has one of my favourite court yard seatings. This is one of the few places in Stockholm that offer my all time favourite: dragon fruit bowl! They offer many bowls, sallads and pancakes – all vegan! You find this place in Södermalm and Norrmalm.

dragon fruit bowl mahalo
image mahalo@instgram

Stockholms best vegetarian & vegan lunches

I am not always keen on brunch – sometimes I want lunch! As a vegan (or somewhat vegan) I eat a lot of sallads and vegetables. Below you find all the best lunch places Stockholm has to offer.


Besides having one of the best views of all restaurants in Stockholm. Hermans also have an amazing all you can eat buffet. Everything they serve is 100% vegan and an amazing mixture of cousines, serving food from Europe, Asia and the middle east. Since it is all you can eat it is quite pricey – but totally worth it! You find this gem on Södermalm. 

Hermans vegan buffet
images hermans_givepeasachance@instagram@


Who doesn’t love falafel? And for the vegetarians halloumi is a dream. Falloumi is a great lunch place with absolutely delicious falafel. I am particularly found of their bowls. You find this treat on Södermalm.

falloumi falafel bowl


Another Swedish classic Kaffeverket is the quintessential Swedish fika and lunch place. Very casual and perfect for all the coffee lovers out there. (Of course a great place for a breaky too). You find this favourite in Vasastan. 

kaffeverket sallad
Image kaffeverket@instagram


A true bowl heaven! Tribowl offers several lunch bowls, easy to pick up and bring to the park hummleträdgården and eat it there (on a hot summer day).  You find this great lunch place you find it in Norrmalm. 

Image tribowl_sthlm@instagram


One of Stockholms hidden gems this little treat hidden on a dockyard. Skroten has an amazing interior and vibe, a proper sailor team. They offer heaps of sea food but also some vegetarian treats. However the coffee is top notch too. You visit this place on Djurgården. 

skroten lunch

Best casual vegan dinners in Stockholm

Sometimes or most times I prefer a casual dinner. Me and Ryan usually go for a tapas style dinner or Mexican flavours. Here are all my favourite casual dinner spots in Stockholm.


How about a great pizza place with unique and Swedish toppings than Rost is for you. Of course they also offer a vegan option. They share their venue with a mechanic and the interior is to match it. They have a great inside and also a perfect outdoor seating for really hot summer days. You find this tasty bite on Södermalm.

Image rost@facebook


This Mexican restaurant has its roots in Veracruz, by the Mexican golf stream. Tres offers the typical totopos chips and refried beans. Of course their selection is more vegetarian than vegan (with meat options) but it’s still a classic. You find it in Hammarbysjöstad.

tres tacos
images trestacojoint@instagram@


If you love Lebanese food there is no better restaurant than Tabbouli. They offer all the classics like fried cauliflower and falafel (of course hummus too). But I really love their interior vibes, it really makes it special. A big plus is that I think their service is top notch. They have several venues at Södermalm, Kungsholmen, City and Djurgården.

Fatosh at tabouli
Image tabbouli


There is nothing wrong with more Mexican food on this list. Chelas is a great place for authentic Mexican drinks and super tasty salsas. Make sure you don’t miss out on the cacti. This absolute treat you find on Södermalm. 

chelas taco
Image chelas@instagram

Best vegan dinners in Stockholm - for the fancier occasions

Every once in awhile you need to really treaty yourself. Whether it’s super price or a decent price all of these dinner are worthy of a long sit down and good company. Here are all my favourite places to go for a fancier evenings. 


If you are looking for a full vegan experience Rutabaga is the place to go to. They have an ever changing menu and they are constantly experimenting with fresh ingredients. Located on one of the prettiest peninsulas in central Stockholm, Blasieholmen. This place is very scenic for all vegan / vegetarian food lovers.

rutabaga vegan dinner
Image rutabaga_stockholm@instagram

Urban deli

This is always one of my all time favourite – partly nostalgia. Urban Deli; their food is superb. They offer more than vegetarian options – both meat and fish on the menu. But all food is of esteem quality. They have venues in Södermalm, City and Sickla. 

urban deli salad
images urbandeli_stockholm@instagram@

Restrung J

This is technically a seafood restaurant – but they have super tasty vegetarian options to. Restrung J has all the Stockholm archipelago vibe down. They have a beautiful wharf and you really do feel like you are somewhere other than Stockholm. This pearl you find in Nacka Strand (best way to get here is by boat!).

seafood restaurang j
Image tabbouli

Ai Ramen

I am a huge fan of ramen and Ai Ramen is hands down one of the best. Their home made ramen noodles are especially delicious! They have two venues, one in the City and another at Södermalm. 

ai ramen veggie ramen
Image airamensofia@instagram

Please share your favourite vegan restaurants in Stockholm – I would love to try more out!

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