the hyam.

Nothing average, nothing mundane.


All things book.

Fill your life with culture as Nietzsche proclaimed.

All things food.

Eat well. For yourself but also sustainable, for the environment. 

All things work.

We sleep, we eat and we work. My work is all SEO.

The experience life is to see the world. I prefer to see odd places over the normal. A bit of a dark tourist and definitely a fan of Atlas Obscura. 

My heart beats for SEO. I continuously get emotionally invested in the websites & I love investigating what opportunities a page has to rank better. 

emma and ryan

All things me.

I started the hyam many years ago, and it has gone through many iterations. But I always try to collect and feature all things I love.

All things Atlas Geographica.

Someone who deserves your time, if you like me have a curious mind, is Ryan. The Author behind Atlas Geographica & some terrific podcast. 

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Best restaurants in Stockholm

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Vegan Falafel Bowl

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Vegan Burger on Sourdough

Vegan Burger on Sourdough

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