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Make sure to keep an eye out on my Instagram, here you can find new exciting content each day. This is an easy way for you to follow my vacation up close, and also my life in general. I always provide a lot of background knowledge within my posts. I have always appreciated those small little facts you learn when you travel, that’s why I want to share that with you. Hopefully, you will find my content interesting, I really put in a lot of effort in my content and it is all original content too.

The goal with the instagram is to share my daily life and also the curious things I have learnt from my travels. One continuing source of inspiration has been ‘atlas obscura‘ they list many odd places to see. Sometimes they are even gruesome. What Atlas Obscura has really taught me is that there is so much hidden knowledge in the world. It is free and it is all around us. I want to make that in to a more short and concise concept. Giving you some fun & comprehensive facts about your world.

So add me on instagram so that you can follow my vacation. I would also be really happy to interact with you there.