How travel changes your life

Dead tree in Nordfjord
Arches with light shining through them in a Mediterranean setting
There is much to discover while travelling.

Have you travelled a lot?

During recent years the travel industry has exploded into hysteria and travelling seems to be on everybody’s lips. There is much content about travelling online and there are even people opting for a vagabond life style, recording their journeys on social media. With that said, this does not apply to everyone. Some people have never had the opportunity to travel and who may wonder how amazing is travelling really? There are many ways how travel changes your life.

For me, the answer is simple I believe that travelling changes your life and it challenges you to become a better person. So, it doesn’t matter if you are an avid traveller or if you are new to the practice, you can still make sure that travelling does really change your life. A great way to getting started if you are new to travels. I recommend the lonely planet, particularly this book, the Travel Book, has lots to say about how to become a traveller.

Travels; A cultural exchange

First and formost, travelling is a cultural exchange. What I mean by that is that where ever you go you are faced with a new and foreign culture. Even if you travel to your neighbouring country, they will have different practices than those you are used too. These cultural exchanges can give you a new and sometimes better way of doing something. For example, when I moved to Amsterdam I started biking and now I can’t imagine taking a bus or a car. This cultural exchange has influenced how I live my life and I am better because of it.

A road to how travel changes your life…

A road in-between to oceans in Spain. Leading towards a city in the far
Travelling down the road. Travels can take you down many roads.

Learn something about yourself

For many, travelling is a way of finding yourself. This may sound cliché but travels really can teach us about ourselves. Particularly if you are travelling on your own. Travels forces you into, sometimes, uncomfortable situations. At home, you have a network of friends and family to rely on, but out in the world you are all alone. This forces you to think for yourself, act by only considering yourself. You learn to trust your instincts and you gather more confidence. This is how travel changes your life, you can never undo what you learn about yourself. Travels will make you grow as a person and maybe even face your most inner fears. Many travellers are vary at first, but this will inevitable grow into a confidence after some time on the road.

Aquire New Tastes

Another way how travel changes your life is how you face new flavours. The best example of this is of course the cuisine of the place you are visiting. At some point in your life you’ve probably eaten pizza, but this is not Italian pizza. But there is so much more, have you had proper tapas or have you eaten authentic Ethiopian food? These are probably all new flavours which you can add to your palette after your travels. Perhaps you may discover a liking to a new style of music, or the Louvre museum showed you the beauty of art. There is much we do not encounter in are safe home setting, mostly out of convenience. Coming back from travels you have the opportunity to rediscover your home town.

Ethiopian food, a mixed platter for four persons
This is a sharing plate of Ethiopian food, one of my personal favourites.

How travel changes your life

As you have seen there are many ways of how travel changes your life. The most important part of how travel changes your life is that it gets you out in the world. You will see things you never could have imagined. You will meet people, make friends and also realise the value of your friends back home. There are so much to learn out there but the first part you will learn about is yourself. I have learnt so much by my travels, I have forced myself working through difficult and sometimes scary situations. I have made friends for life and I have learnt I can be outgoing and talk to anyone and everyone. If you like to know more about me and my journey you can start by reading this. But I can promise you one thing, it will change your life.