Did Rasputin create the Soviet Union?

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The statement above is a stretch. But if we can allow ourselves a ‘what if’ speculation then we can then see that Rasputin’s name deserves a place in our history books. Who was this infamous man? The story begins mid 19th century in Siberia. Rasputin was born with another name and was later given the name Rasputin. In Russian Rasputin means the “debauched one”. Rasputin grew into an enormous man, particularly for his time, reaching 192 cm. This caused some rumours that his male limber was an of equal proportion. Rasputin had made a name for himself in his Siberian hometown, where his hobbies included bar fights and casually sleeping around. He ended up marrying and having children. But he would end up leaving them, or put them aside for the ‘greater cause’.

The Story begins...

At a young age Rasputin came across a cult called Khlysty (Flagellants). Rasputin took the cult’s beliefs as his own, meaning that he put a lot of sexual emphasis on spirituality, which later showed important. Essentially Rasputin proclaimed that having sex, particularly with him, could help you in various ways both in a physical and mental way. This is a rather outrageous statement even for the time. Can you imagine a country devoted to their church and values. It is difficult to see how Rasputin navigated these crowds. Rasputin started travelling around Russia. He was promoting his unorthodox methods and he was heading for St. Petersburg.

In the early 19-hundreds this was Tsar (Czar) Nicolas II, married to Alexandra a German princess.  They constituted the royal monarchy of Russia. Together they had five children Anastasia (who herself is urban legend and surrounded by mystic) and then their son the heir to the throne. Since the rest were women and thus not unable to succeed the throne. 

Alexis suffered from a genetic disease called haemophilia; that is a blood sickness which has the consequence that the blood is unable to form blood clots. This means that if little Alexis would cut himself the blood would continue to bleed until he bled out. His parents were devastated and sought the best professional help available at the time. The Doctors were unable to identify the cause of Alexis suffering and gave him medicine. The medicine given to Alexis acted as a blood thinner, which had a worse effect on him and his illness.

Rasputin arrives in the Capital

Rasputin reached St. Petersburg in 1903, being a man of the occult and mysticism he immediately gained popularity. At the time, these were popular hobbies among the Russian elite. They embraced the giant smelly odd man from Siberia. Two years after arriving in St. Petersburg Rasputin was introduced to the Tzar family. This was an incredible success for Rasputin. This became a legitimisation of his preachings.

Alexandra the empress immediately caught a liking to Rasputin. During one of her sons’ episodes Alexandra summoned Rasputin to aid her son. Rasputin started off by sending off all the doctors (and their medicine). He proceeded to ‘work his magic on young Alexis’. After this, Rasputin had the full confidence of Alexandra. This caused the Russian population to speculate and ridicule the Tsarina. They believed that she and Rasputin were having sex.  Considering what he was preaching, is this impossible? But, we will never know.

As mentioned before, the doctors were actually making Alexis more sick. Therefore, ironically enough, Rasputin made the boy better. Alexis parents were impressed and Rasputin had earned a place as royals the closest adviser.He remained preaching and still proclaimed that having sex with him had holy and purifying effects. This did upset the Russian elite and Rasputin was expelled. But Alexandra insisted on bringing him back, for her sons’ sake.

The once bright future for Rasputin turns dark

Rasputin had one of the most desirable role in Russia. He was the right hand of the royal family and had huge influence on the Russian politics. Consequently, Rasputin gained a lot of enemies. The political decisions Rasputin made and influenced awful. He appointed incompetent ministers and his knowledge on waging war was beyond limited. This resulted in several murder attempts on his life and all were made in order to save Russia.

A small group of conservatives formed a conspiracy; to kill Rasputin and save the Russian monarchy. At the time the monarchy was hanging by a thread. The group lured Rasputin over for tea and cake. They set a trap to poison him. 

The group waited for Rasputin to collapse in front of them, but he did not. One of them got impatient and took a gun and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Rasputin, but it did not kill him. Instead, Rasputin was able to run out on the court yard, probably desperate to find assistance. But, he got shot again and this time he was not able to run away and he was caught.  The group bound him and made a hole in the deep ice then threw Rasputin underneath it. The final and ultimate cause of death was drowning. This story has further added to the mystic of the giant Siberian man, and the conspiracy group were all disturbed by the occurrence.

“He remained preaching and still proclaimed that having sex with him had holy and purifying effects.”

The fall of the Russian Elite

The Russian elites’ decadent way of life caused an uprise in the Russian population. The Russian people were starving and forced into war. A few weeks after the death of Rasputin the Russian Revolution started. The heads of the Royal family would soon be rolling, but rumours have it Anastasia survived. This was perpetuated by claimants later on. However, this is not true. After the Soviet Union, all the remains of the last Romanov family were finally found, marking the end to their 300 year dynasty . Out of the revolution mayhem, Lenin would grasp Russia in an iron fist and a new chapter of Russian history should be written. 

Would this have happened without Rasputin’s influence? The real question is, what if the Russian people would have been happy? Then the revolution would not have happened. Because there would not be anything to revolt against. But, does Rasputin bare some of the blame? I don’t think it is fair to place all the blame on Rasputin, Russia was unkempt before that. In the early 1900 there had been a minor revolution, where the Tzar shot the participants. Perhaps ,this was the turning point for the Russian people. But one thing is certain, Rasputin was the final nail in the coffin. Making the Tzar family look foolish, stupid and unfit to rule Russia.

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