About The Gallery

Here in the gallery you can find some hidden gems of the world. Beautiful scenery, photos which may be snapped in your own backyard or far out in the middle of nowhere. I hope you can get inspired and go out to find similar nature yourself. 

My Favourites in the Gallery

Below you find my current 3 favourite pictures, and of course, where I snapped them.

Brisbane, Australia

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sardinia, Italy


Something which can make or break a photo are its lines. By lines, it is the ‘actual’ lines running through the photo. The can provide depth to a picture but they can also have the opposite effect and make your image look flat.


Wallstreet, New York


Down Below you have some photos I've collected throughout my travels. I am certain you can place where some of the photos have been snapped. If not, reach out and I can show you some other photos from the same place.

What’s holding most people back from travels is the ‘money issue’. Sadly, travelling isn’t free.. But there are several ways to make your travels less costly. Besides the obvious cost cutters, doing a workaway will significantly stretch your budget. Another thing is to look at several freelance gigs, although it may not always pay that much, if your in the right countries western currencies can buy you a lot. 

“Frugality includes all the other virtues”


Travel Gallery

On the right you see some photos from my many travels. These images are from Norway, Amsterdam, Cologne & London.

If you would like to see more images like this you are welcome to check out my instagram. On Instagram I also give a detailed description to each photo. You can find the link below. 


On the left hand side you see some photos taken I’ve taken on my many visits to Stockholm. Here follows a brief description of each:

    • This is one of many enchanting streets of Södermalm.
    • This is a wooden statue found at the Vasa museum‘s beautiful garden. If you are nearby its definitely worth a visit.
    • One of Stockolm’s many lovely outdoor seating, this is café Skroten.
    • Also café Skroten, but this is the inside seating. 
    • The statue of the Norse God Thor fishing. You find this at Mariatorget.
    • On the right hand side, you see some permanent food trucks in Tanto.
    • Followed by the view from Skinnarviksberget.
    • Then the brilliant restaurant Oaxen.  
    • Finally the gorgeous garden at Vinterviken

Want to know more about Stockholm? Suss out my blogpost on it here