Vegan Falafel Bowl​

A vegan falafel bowl is a great way to get all that crucial protein as a vegan and vegetarian. Both tahini and chickpeas are great sources for both calcium and protein, it’s also super tasty! To make it a bit extra, to push this right over the edge I would suggest making your own falafels. This recipe does however not include a falafel recipe, but presupposes you have them ready to go.

falafel bowl

What to eat with falafel?

Whenever I cook this vegan falafel bowl I am keen on using some Middle Eastern flavours. This includes eggplants, cauliflower, pickled turnips, cucumbers, red shredded cabbage, tomatoes and hummus. But what’s more crucial are the herbs, where especially cumin and lemon really enhances the Middle Eastern flavours. Besides eating it in a falafel bowl another great way of eating falafel is with pita bread with some tasty mint flavoured yogurt.

Healthy Falafel Salad – Recipe

Serves 2 portions

~Falafel Bowl~

6-8 Falafel

50g Corn

150-200g Shiitake Mushrooms

100g Pickled Red Cabbage or Kimchi

50g Cherry Tomatoes

100-200g Sweet Potatoes (Depending in how hungry you are!)

100g Mixed Lettuce (such as spinach)


20g Coriander

50g Hummus

1 Branch of Dill (Optional)

20g Tahini (Dressing) (Optional)

How to make a Falafel Bowl

  1. Preheat the own on – 220 degrees
  2. Wash the dirt of your sweet potatoes. Stick your fork into the Sweet Potatoes and glaze them with a bit of olive oil (or any other oil) and sprinkle a dash of salt over. (This tasty own baked sweet potato is a great way to it this veggie). Depending on size, they will be done within 35-55min. Once they are done, let them cool off a bit and then slice them in to thin circles.
  3. Chop the veggies to your desired shape.
  4. Place the shiitake mushrooms in a pan and use a bit of oil. For Shiitake I like to only fry them as they are in vegan butter or coconut oil to keep the special earthy flavour of the shiitake.
  5. Cook the falafel according to their instructions.
  6. Mix all the ingredients in two seperate bowls and voila, the falafel bowl is ready to serve.

What to serve with falafel

There are many good sauces that go well with falafel such as hummus, tahini and mint yogurt. Traditionally a lot of vegetables are eaten with falafel these are typically eggplants, cauliflower, pickled turnips, cucumbers, red shredded cabbage and tomatoes. Tabulleh is another great way to eat falafel this is a parsley based salad. Finally, fresh pitta bread stuffed with falafel and vegetables topped off with one of these sauces.

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