5 venues you can’t miss in London

London, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, this massive capital homes many, countless expats. Even though the UK is experiencing ‘Brexit’ the city will always be international, it is the very nature of London. The city consists of more than 8 million people, so it can be difficult to know exactly what to do and where to go. I had the fortune to spend 1 year in this city & I will tell you about 5 venues you can’t miss in London.


Sketch bathrooms
The famous bathroom pods of Sketch

This odd place is a bar & restaurant, but also much more. Sketch has those iconic bathroom pods. Perhaps you have some trendy London friends, then you you’ve surely seen some instagrams of this iconic venue. The ‘blood’ giving life to this venue is art. The walls are covered in a tasteful art decor.

The Venue is huge, a three story Georgian building, it stands out in the Mayfair area. But, it has only been Sketch since the early 2000, which to be fair, still is a long time nowadays.

Remember that art IS this venue and that goes for the food too. All the dishes are nothing other than spectacular. You will get a work of art on your plate, so exquisite you will not want to eat it.

Flight Club Darts

If you think of the UK, what comes to mind? Pubs. That’s right! And what does those pubs have? Darts. Precisely. Imagine a modern take on this, with a very relevant software update (That is, darts minus math) you have Flight Club Darts. They have two venues, but the O.G one is in Shoreditch. This venue has kept the traditional pub feeling, but giving it a much needed upgrade.

The venue is centred around darts, obviously. But, they have fantastic and unique cocktails and a bottomless brunch on Sundays. Perfect for getting tipsy on mimosa and filling up on tasty pizzas. They serve other food too, but this is more British bar food. Nothing wrong with that but this is fries and a burger rather than a fantastic salad.

A dart board in the dark
Have you ever played darts? I LOVE IT. You can find the picture here.

Duck & Waffle

Duck on a waffle from the London skyline restaurant Duck and Waffle
This is the famous Duck & waffle, it is insanely tasty.

This venue is famous, Duck & Waffle does not only have a skyline view from the 40 -something floor. But, they are open 24/7, you can go here and view the London skyline at any time of the day.

Since they are open 24/7 they have all courses of the day on the menu. They of course have a lot of things to drink too, containing alcohol. The famous Duck & Waffle is served all day, since it is their signature dish.

If you want to have the best view of London? And visit a cozy & classy restaurant? Duck and Waffle is a must.

Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC)

ECC in London, a small table in a corner
Not at primetime, but a small table for an intimate date.

I have never felt as sneaky as when I went here. This one is an inside tip, since you have to enter a random door in china town (looking awfully residential) and walk up some stairs and voilĂ , a bar. The ECC is cozy and dark with brilliant cocktails, it is perfect to bring a date around.

The vibe is low-key, there is a communal feeling of being a bit special. We all made it here, to a secret bar. There is a soft and secluded vibe, whoever you bring here will be seriously impressed with your London-knowledge.

Be daring, grab that secret door and have a tasty, tasty cocktail. The venue is a whole apartment complex and it is truely Unique.


The last unique must see venue is Bounce. This bar has a unique concept, it is a ping pong bar! The game vibe is awesome, you hire a table and order some beers and of course they serve pizzas too. The bar is typically very dark with neon colouring, a perfect way to start your night out.

Of course, there menu is full of signature cocktails and none of them are a disappointment. The drinks have a reasonable London price, that is, it’s not a complete rip off. This together with the fact that its ping pong makes the crowd a tad younger, not necessarily too young, but if you wanna hang out with 35 year olds perhaps look elsewhere. However, this is to be taken a bit lightly, if you are 50+ and enjoy ping pong, don’t let the crowds typical age discourage you.

Ping pong tables in a cool underground setting
I may be a good dart player, but I have little skills in ping pong… How about you? You can find the picture here.

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