Backpacking through Europe; Prague

Technically my third stop.. But, since I started in Amsterdam (although I lived there) followed by Berlin, Prague was the third European city within the same week. I had very little time in Prague, but I managed to see most of it in 24h. The city is full of gorgeous historical buildings and the legendary Czech brews. A beer was the perfect cure to a misty Prague…

Prague rooftops in a misty morning
Prague’s old parts make up an idyllic scenery. It’s hard not to appreciate the city.

Where to stay in Prague

I ended up staying in the old town, which is a bit pricier. But, since I only had 24h in the city I didn’t wanna spend it on a tram or metro. Besides, it wasn’t crazy expensive, I stayed at a hostel called Homer (as in the Simpsons), the location was superb! I paid a small sum of 14 euros a night! I had basically all of Prague a walking distance away.

Food in Prague

Like many places in central/eastern Europe the typical cuisine is quite similar. Anywhere you looked they were selling ‘chimney cakes’ and other local sweets, I certainly felt a sweet-tooth coming along.

The Czechs have incredible beers and these are best consumed at a small local brewery! The dinners were mostly consisting of potatoes and a sort of meat, like a Viennese schnitzel or other delicious variants. Goulash is also something the Czechs eat and they make it superb or a more local ‘soup’ is the garlic soup. One particular restaurant does this better than anyone else, the U parlament. Perfect for a great and authentic Prague experience.

In Prague they are atoned to the ever-growing vegetarian food trends too and I saw several vegetarian options, but I tried Forky’s. This place had the best vegan milkshakes I’ve ever tried! The rest of the food was really good too and there was a nice healthy vibe. I would say this more of a lunch option than anything else.

A pint of beer on a wooden table.
Mmmm.. Czech beer is one of my favourites!

What to do in Prague

You will have to see the old astronomical clock, but you won’t miss it! It is beautiful and so is the surrounding square, here you can see many different types of architectural styles. Then there is the chain bridge, and all of these are spectacular parts of Prague.

Jewish Quarters

I went on a guided tour through the Jewish Quarters, and I was a bit disappointed. All the buildings from the ghetto were long gone and replaced with the second most expensive street in all of Prague. There are few (or none) signs of what the area once was. A jewish museum founded Hitler, he converted an old jewish school into a museum meant to show the ‘extinct race’ and showcase the fact that they did exist.

There are many Synagogues still in this area, and these are the only building still remaining after the Ghetto, one is the oldest still operating synagogue in the world. One of these synagogues has a cemetery you can visit. This synagogue also has an adjoining museum with probably one of the most horrible permanent exhibitions I could imagine there is. These are left over drawings from children who were murdered in the Nazi-concentration camps. The images depicts life in a concentration camp through the eyes of young children. These images survived time and the nazis since they where often left in the luggage and other belongings kept by the Nazis.

The Communist Museum

This was a fantastic museum to visit as it depicted the Czech history starting with the Nazi occupation and finishing in the fall of the USSR. The museum shows what happened and how the Czech people endured this dictatorship. I really think this museum is worth a visit, it gives a great insight to how life in the Czech communist state was.

The entry to the communist museum  in Prague, a Marx statue and the red star
The entry to the communist museum

My Prague

The rainy and cold city remained charming despite the weather. I love how it was so walkable and I could get around everywhere by foot. With that said, I only crossed the river and didn’t move too far outside the old town.

Arriving at the hostel you notice many people were there to drink beer, but there wasn’t a rowdy crowd at the hostel. The same goes for many of the tourists in town, coming from Amsterdam and Berlin, you notice a difference. There was an increase in both seniors and middle aged people with their families. However, there was many solo travellers making their way through Prague, its a gorgeous city and its nearby or on the way to many other places in Europe.

I spend most of my time walking all throughout the city, looking at all the buildings. I walked aimlessly in the cold, but I didn’t mind. You could tell the Czechs are used to us tourists and they have in many ways accommodated us, so it’s easy to get around without any major issues.

The only really horrible thing I experience was catching my bus to Vienna. I took the bus from the Prague main station and there was NO signs to the buses and on my flixbus ticket it said ‘platform 4’, that didn’t help until I found the actual place. There was no signs directing to platform 4 anywhere in the station.. But, I won’t this reflect my time in Prague too much.

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Selfie of a girl in a thick pullover.
Me in a COLD Prague!