Backpacking through Europe: Berlin

The first stop on my EuroTrip was Berlin. I have never before done backpacking in Berlin, I have only visited as a main destination. This time around I paid more attention to the prices of things. I have always considered Berlin being a cheap city, but in my Europe Route Berlin is one of the more pricey destinations. My wallet thanks me for leaving.

Backpacking in Berlin – Where to stay

My first issue was picking a hostel, particularly since Berlin is hub for party-travellers-and-backpackers. I picked St. Christophers Inn, a little north of Alexander Platz, right by the Mitte-Prenzlauerberg border. Now this neighbourhood is great because its safe, central and up in Prenzlauerberg there are many lovely café, I had to work and study heaps so for me it was a no brainer to go pick this area. With that said, there was a party going on every night at my hostel and the booze was SO cheap. People came and went from the room all night and most slept late in the day. But, it was all good. Berlin is one of Europes Party capitals, considering that my hostel parties were meek. Most people appreciated the bars sport niché showing football and rugby, which frankly isn’t up my alley, but, people loved the place.

Generally, you always have good bars with cheap booze at the Berlin hostels. People are there to enjoy themselves and while I never been a backpacker I have stayed at these hostels ‘private rooms’. Germany has such a good standard of cleanliness in their hostels, our private room and bathroom got cleaned daily, and it was always sparkling clean.

The Berlin Boroughs

If you are considering where to stay in Berlin there are a few areas you need to consider. Pranzlauerberg and Mitte are typically more quiet but still very central. From here it’s easy to get anywhere in the city. Kreuzberg is great, lots of bars and clubs, it’s at the centre of the nightlife, here you have some great neighbourhoods and some very dodgy ones. Most of the remaining anarchist communities resides here. I would also dare to say ‘you stay here in x-berg if you wanna party’.

Friedrichhein is huge, but it has som lovely neighbourhoods with good bars and nightlife. It’s a bit more off than x-berg and you can end off really on the outskirt of Berlin here. Those old soviet union parts are not funny nor pretty. Neukölln is also a great option, it’s central and easy to get to and from. Lots of bars and nightlife here too and it is becoming more and more trendy. This area has typically been at the heart of the huge Turkish community (and it still is) that means you have great food options here.

The Berlin TV-Tower only the top visible in Black and white.
This is the famous TV-tower, did you know they have a TV-tower in the West too? It is tiny and looks like the Eiffel-tower.

Eating in Berlin

Berlin has so much food to offer other than Curry Würst and Döner. The Vietnamese food is delicious and they have so many good Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin and most of them are very cheap. I tried a new restaurant out called ‘Paoblo Pinkel‘ a super fun concept, and easy to share kind of food. It’s also a bar with a great selection of cocktails. I recommend going here if you are gearing up for a night out on the town (the bar is in Neukölln, on the more Northern side towards Kreuzberg-perfect party location)

Things to see in Berlin

I have previously written extensively about Berlin, since I can pride myself with the title Berliner (or maybe ex-Berliner). I have been to most, if not all museums in the city. This is actually not an exaggeration, I have been here on 3 school trips so I really have seen it all. Then living here, I saw even more. If you are looking for som more local tips on what to eat and where to go you can find that post here.

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