Do you like my writing? First of all, thank you! Writing has always been a passion of mine and I love everything to do with writing.  If you want to hire me for creative writing, you can do that here.


Who am I? Since I was 19 years old, I’ve lived abroad. Growing up i Stockholm, Sweden I truely loved, it but I wanted something else. I decided to take my chance on Berlin. After about a year, I went returned to Stockholm, but shortly after I had the same urge to leave. I thought London should be my next destination. From London I left for the Netherlands. Now I’ve been in Amsterdam for some years. What’s next? You tell me! I have a Bachelor of science with a focus on EU law, and I am now studying computer engineering. Besides that I work as a freelance writer, which is something I love.

As most young people, I have decided that Quantity over Quality is my M.O. and I am constantly looking for ways to make my vagabond lifestyle work. Since I am a freelancer and my studies are done all through the computer, I have a lot of liberty in where in the world I have to be. I can be anywhere as long as I have wifi, so I can never go off the grid (but that’s not really for me). I suppose this makes me a true ‘digital nomad’. I’d love to know more about you, my reader. leave a comment and we can get in touch


Below you can see some photos of me & my life. The photos are from various parts of my travels, but also my every day life in Amsterdam and other places where I lived. You can also find a live update from my instagram. Make sure to give me a follow so we can interact with each other.