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The goal with the instagram is to share my daily life and also the curious things I have learnt from my travels. One continuing source of inspiration has been ‘atlas obscura‘ they list many odd places to see. Sometimes they are even gruesome. What Atlas Obscura has really taught me is that there is so much hidden knowledge in the world. It is free and it is all around us. I want to make that in to a more short and concise concept. Giving you some fun & comprehensive facts about your world.

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Discovering Berlin

Berlin, the first city I moved to. I was 19 and everything was exciting. Berlin has so much to offer, particularly when it comes to history. But, where do you go? What do you eat? And where do you go out? All the Berlin boroughs are completely different, moving across the city it is as if you are moving between cities. Everyone has an alternative in Berlin, and Berlin is for everyone. Here follows all you need to know to visit Berlin.

TV tower overlooking Alexanderplatz
The famous east Berlin hallmark of the TV-tower, overlooking Alexanderplatz

Berlin’s Historical sights

Berlins modern history is turbulent. From World War two to GDR and finally the reconciliation of Germany. This has left scars on Berlin, in the East you can still see bullet holes in the house facades. You can even see them in the gate of Brandenburger Tor. Which ones are the musts? and why?

The Stasi Museum

Have you ever heard of the Stasi? The GDR version of KGB or Gestapo, this is the east German secret police. People who entered the GDR can find their files still at the headquarters and the east Germans can find their files there too. This has caused a lot of emotions for the former east germans, because for many who looked in their files has a horrific realisation that their loved ones may have been spies.

Nowadays, the headquarter is firstly a museum to remember the hardships. Interestingly, the building is very difficult to find, it is ‘hidden’ it takes up a complete block in the city but you have to know where to go in order to find it. If you do find it, you can learn how the secret police spied on its citizens and the office of arguably the most powerful man in the GDR, Erich Mielke. They even had a small inventory, to collect the scent of their citizens, a bizarre totalitarian attribute. Fancy visiting? You can learn more here.

The infamous Stasi prison..
The infamous Stasi prison… You can find the picture here.

The Berlin Wall Memorial – The Real Wall

Many of you have seen pictures of East Side Gallery, the famous art on the old Berlin wall. However, doodles and art on the east side of the wall was unthinkable at the time. The gallery suggest that the wall was merely a huge concrete block, it wasn’t. By the end, there was two concrete walls with bob-wire, two paths with guards and dogs, more bob-wire and a mine field, don’t forget about the guard towers. The wall was about 5m broad and there was no chance to cross it.

It is very intriguing to see what the wall actually looked liked. East side gallery is a must, but to get the experience and the real feel, the real wall is a must. This memorial can be found between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, these are two terrific boroughs. Do you feel like you want to know more? You can find all you need to know here.

The berlin wall with a banksy
This is one of many pieces of the Berlin wall you can find throughout the city. You can find the photo here.


This is one of the worst parts of humanity all in one place. Sachsenhausen is the Berlin concentration camp, just a bit outside the city. You ride the S-bahn until one of the end stations and then a short bus ride, then you reach this odd and sad place. The camp has been kept in a diligent state, they’ve kept some barracks and to see them on the inside is a surreal experience. The gas-chambers have been torn down and are now only a ruin, but they have saved photos so you can get a vivid image of what it must have looked like.

To visit a concentration camp is uniquely weird experience and there is nothing to compare with. The institutional and efficient mass murder is an oddity in humanity, although there have been countless genocides in the world, the pure efficiency of this one makes it uncanny. If you feel like this is a place worth visiting, which I have to insist it truely is, you can find out more here.

An gas chamber in the nazi concentration camp, dachau..
The gas chambers where often labeled as showers or ‘brausebad’ in order to not create panic amongst the people being hurdled in. You can find the picture here.

Eating in Berlin

Berlin is fairly cheap, particularly alcohol and food, so you can find great meals for a good amount. It is also a hub for many international flavours, the Turkish influence is well known, but did you know that Berlin has an astonishing amount of Vietnamese food too. Here I will list some of Berlins best foods.


Alright, this one had to be mentioned. It is the best fries I have ever had and the burgers are definitely no disappointment either. The chili-cheese fries are beyond delicious, and I never had anything like it since. The ‘venue’ is quite unique too, it is in an old public toilet underneath the U-bahn, right by Schlesisches Tor. So do your tastebuds a favour and visit Burgermeister.

Burgermeister in Berlin, at Schlesisches tor
Burgermeister picture from


This is one of Berlins best Vietnamese restaurants. Madami not only has a great and cozy venue but they also have really, really tasty food. The area is also great, it is in the southern parts of Prenzlauer Berg. Perhaps a bit ironically, but there are many Vietnamese restaurants in this area and honestly they are all really good.


This may be a bit of a curve ball, but the Weihenstephaner is traditional German food. The venue is more than 200 years old and is therefore one of the oldest buildings in Berlin. The name Weihenstephaner may strike a cord for you, that’s not strange, the Weihenstephaner is a famous brewery making traditional German beer. So if you wanna try something ‘authentical’ old German, this restaurant is for you.

Beers flowing from a draft
Weihenstephaner is perfect to get som good beers into you, The Germans take much pride in their ‘purity laws’ and this brewery is one of the originals. You can find the picture here.


This restaurant serve is a must, Malakeh has amazing food. It is recognises as such too, it was voted 1 of top 5 new restaurants in Berlin by Vogue. The interior is fresh and cozy, which definitely contributes to a lovely dinner. This is a real touch to Syria and sitting in the restaurant you can almost forget that you are in Berlin. You will get an urge to travel to Syria for a foodfest, but Malakeh is a good start.

Nights in Berlin

Berlin has one of Europes busiest nightlife, living in several other cities after my Berlin debut taught me this. There is no match for the nightlife, it is full on all the time. But where you go and what to do is tricker. If it’s summer, I recommend you try and find a ‘open air’. They are everywhere and they are without any doubt the best experience. Besides that here follows some bars and clubs which will make your Berlin visit.

Süß war gestern

Sweet was yesterday, indeed it was. This club or rather bar with a dance floor is where the locals go. The venue has a funky 60’s vibe perpetuated by the ‘oh-so-60s’ tapestry covering the walls. If you are looking for a big night out, this is a good place to start your evening. This bar/club can be found in Friedrichhein (F-hein).


Photo taken from Foursquare

Berghein is for the tourists, the locals go to Sisyphos. In true Berlin spirit, the club throws parties from Fridays until Mondays, and of course it’s not closed in between.

The vibe is intense and calm, as Berlin is probably the only place in the world where that combination is possible. This is the sort of places where the bouncer will scan you head-to-feet and question whether you can handle the club. Play it cool, at least pretend that you can, once you are in, you are left fending for yourself.

MS Hoppetosse

This bar and club, Hoppetosse, is quite spectacular for one reason. It is on a boat. If you are a bit tipsy, this is a funny fact. The club itself is like many Berlin clubs, but it’s on a boat so it does get some props for that fact. It is also in a great location, in Kreuzberg, nearby other really cool Berlin clubs like, Watergate and Wilde Renate. These two are much like Hoppetosse (and like most Berlin clubs) the beat is always techno and the crowd is cool and casual.

Madame Claude

This is not your typical bar, well they serve beer and everything so don’t worry. The atypical nature of this bar comes from the furniture. There is a 70’s feel all throughout the bar but what is even more remarkable is that the furniture is in the ceiling. Have you ever seen a TV upside down? Probably not, but this certainly causes some giggles.

Other things to see in Berlin

A must is Alexanderplatz and the world clock. The giant Karl Marx street testifies to the communist roots of East Berlin. To walk in Tiergarten on a sunny day is magnificent. How about eating a great brunch on one of the many breakfast places in Prenzlauer Berg? There is so much to do, and Berlin is easy to get lost in, walking through the boroughs and seeing each one of their unique history. Berlin truly is one of a kind.

Alexanderplatz the world clock and TV tower
A legendary view over Alexplatz- A must visit in Berlin. You can find the picture here.

5 venues you can’t miss in London

London, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, this massive capital homes many, countless expats. Even though the UK is experiencing ‘Brexit’ the city will always be international, it is the very nature of London. The city consists of more than 8 million people, so it can be difficult to know exactly what to do and where to go. I had the fortune to spend 1 year in this city & I will tell you about 5 venues you can’t miss in London.


Sketch bathrooms
The famous bathroom pods of Sketch

This odd place is a bar & restaurant, but also much more. Sketch has those iconic bathroom pods. Perhaps you have some trendy London friends, then you you’ve surely seen some instagrams of this iconic venue. The ‘blood’ giving life to this venue is art. The walls are covered in a tasteful art decor.

The Venue is huge, a three story Georgian building, it stands out in the Mayfair area. But, it has only been Sketch since the early 2000, which to be fair, still is a long time nowadays.

Remember that art IS this venue and that goes for the food too. All the dishes are nothing other than spectacular. You will get a work of art on your plate, so exquisite you will not want to eat it.

Flight Club Darts

If you think of the UK, what comes to mind? Pubs. That’s right! And what does those pubs have? Darts. Precisely. Imagine a modern take on this, with a very relevant software update (That is, darts minus math) you have Flight Club Darts. They have two venues, but the O.G one is in Shoreditch. This venue has kept the traditional pub feeling, but giving it a much needed upgrade.

The venue is centred around darts, obviously. But, they have fantastic and unique cocktails and a bottomless brunch on Sundays. Perfect for getting tipsy on mimosa and filling up on tasty pizzas. They serve other food too, but this is more British bar food. Nothing wrong with that but this is fries and a burger rather than a fantastic salad.

A dart board in the dark
Have you ever played darts? I LOVE IT. You can find the picture here.

Duck & Waffle

Duck on a waffle from the London skyline restaurant Duck and Waffle
This is the famous Duck & waffle, it is insanely tasty.

This venue is famous, Duck & Waffle does not only have a skyline view from the 40 -something floor. But, they are open 24/7, you can go here and view the London skyline at any time of the day.

Since they are open 24/7 they have all courses of the day on the menu. They of course have a lot of things to drink too, containing alcohol. The famous Duck & Waffle is served all day, since it is their signature dish.

If you want to have the best view of London? And visit a cozy & classy restaurant? Duck and Waffle is a must.

Experimental Cocktail Club (ECC)

ECC in London, a small table in a corner
Not at primetime, but a small table for an intimate date.

I have never felt as sneaky as when I went here. This one is an inside tip, since you have to enter a random door in china town (looking awfully residential) and walk up some stairs and voilà, a bar. The ECC is cozy and dark with brilliant cocktails, it is perfect to bring a date around.

The vibe is low-key, there is a communal feeling of being a bit special. We all made it here, to a secret bar. There is a soft and secluded vibe, whoever you bring here will be seriously impressed with your London-knowledge.

Be daring, grab that secret door and have a tasty, tasty cocktail. The venue is a whole apartment complex and it is truely Unique.


The last unique must see venue is Bounce. This bar has a unique concept, it is a ping pong bar! The game vibe is awesome, you hire a table and order some beers and of course they serve pizzas too. The bar is typically very dark with neon colouring, a perfect way to start your night out.

Of course, there menu is full of signature cocktails and none of them are a disappointment. The drinks have a reasonable London price, that is, it’s not a complete rip off. This together with the fact that its ping pong makes the crowd a tad younger, not necessarily too young, but if you wanna hang out with 35 year olds perhaps look elsewhere. However, this is to be taken a bit lightly, if you are 50+ and enjoy ping pong, don’t let the crowds typical age discourage you.

Ping pong tables in a cool underground setting
I may be a good dart player, but I have little skills in ping pong… How about you? You can find the picture here.

Would you like to see some photos of London? View my gallery here.